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Why the iPhone sucks

Adobe’s “Flash” sucks big time. Not only on Macintoshs …

Although I am NOT an Apple addict I hate flash since I first got into contact with it. That was in 1999 when I made my bachelor in Mediadesign. And although I am not a big fan of Apple and their according products (they are way too expensive) I like Steve Job’s (RIP) attitude against [...]

Email has become shit. Email is dead. Due to fucking spammers.

Do businesses need email? Allow me to rephrase: Would companies be better off without internal company email? Let’s be perfectly clear about the details of this proposition. First, “internal” email means email communication between employees of the same organization. It has nothing to do with external email, or messages sent and received between organizations. That’s [...]

You need to get off Facebook

Make Windows Vista / Windows 7 look like Windows XP

One of my labtops gets repaired and it will have Windows Vista on it. Windows Vista is not as much bullshit as you might think since almost all hardware drivers are now supported. Although I wanna change the look of Window Vista into Windows XP cause I really like XP and I’m used to XP. [...]

Software that sucks big time …

Here’s a list of the most hated software 1. Final Cut Pro X (Apple) 2. Adobe Reader Everybody needs to open a PDF from time to time, but Adobe Reader is a sledgehammer sold as a nutcracker: it’s enormous – on the Mac, the current version is 69.1MB – it keeps putting a shortcut on [...]

Glove and Boots – Evolution of the Hipster

I think Glove and Boots just forgot some things according to hipsters / trendsuckers / jumpers on the bandwagon: hipsters nowadays wear scarfs around their necks, as a DJ they play boring so called “minimal house music” and they wear eyeglasses that have no function. Fortunately things are changing and the hiptsters can jump on [...]

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