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Musicvideo – Die Vögel – Fratzengulasch

Absolutely weird shit! It’s gotta be like that. I like that a lot

Musicvideo – Olafur Arnalds – Near Light

Working after working, it is many people’s life. No time for them to think, dream or even taking a rest. They work for money just like a machine. But where are your dreams? Money can make you forgot your wish. Money can take away all your time. Money can destroy your life. Is it the [...]

One Hit Wonder – Dan-I – Monkey Chop

Can’t remember Dan-I had another smash hit. But this one is massive

Songs that make me cry part 12: Kajagoogoo – The Lion’s Mouth

Musicvideo – Rituel – Single Minds

A short musical film in the form of a mockumentary that has been directed by the jazzy Elmyr Donovans specially for “Single Minds”. Starring Joyce, Marie, Noémie, Dabeull, Dinamics and Dew Town Mayor. Editing by Aja Lux. A few words from the director: Lost in the French hinterlands, I’m quite sure now we didn’t find [...]

Musicvideo – Neak – Ready To Go

I like that a lot directed/edited: Domi V (@domi_v) Artist: Neak (@Neak_Undefined) Song: Ready To Go (Round The Way Girl) *Bonus Track Producer: Slot-A (@IAMSLOTA) Album: Love Greater // The Prequel (presented by, Earmilk and Prefix Mag) Appearances by:Stephanie Gwyn and Skarlett Beverly download song:

Songs that make me cry part 9: Prince – If I Was Your Girlfriend

If I was your girlfriend Would U remember 2 tell me all the things U forgot When I was your man? Hey, when I was your man If I was your best friend Would U let me take care of U and do all the things That only a best friend can Only best friends [...]

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